Survive and Thrive Program


Survive & Thrive is a wellness program that supports women as they transition to a new life after cancer, encouraging women to make positive changes in their health, fitness, and overall well-being.

The program was founded by doctors Berit Madsen, M.D. and Sheila Lally, D.O., also cofounders of Peninsula Breast Center. The two cancer experts created the program to empower women who go through cancer treatment to achieve and maintain a healthy life style to decrease the chance of cancer recurrence.

“I think of Survive & Thrive as my bridge to better health after finishing treatment. I really needed help crossing from ‘victim’ to ‘survivor’.” – Karen, Participant, 2013

After Treatment, What’s Next?

Women who have completed their cancer treatment often feel physically run down, have a lack of confidence and uncertainty about their future health and experience a sense of loneliness. Survive & Thrive works to help women to become educated and excited about establishing healthy eating habits and fitness routines, while providing a community of support.

“Many cancer patients who wrap up treatment experience a void. The surgery’s over, the treatment is done, the frequency of doctors’ appointments slows.” –Sheila Lally, D.O.

In a 12-week series of exercise, education and support activities with women going through similar challenges, Survive & Thrive participants typically find they gain:

*increased energy
*overall increase in strength and flexibility
*increased knowledge of nutrition
*weight loss
*improved emotional well being

A Twelve-Week Health and Fitness Experience

Survive & Thrive guides and supports a small group of women through a well-rounded program of health and wellness activities. You work in the supportive environment of fellow cancer survivors with encouraging, knowledgeable coaches in health and wellness.

“It’s hard work, but it’s also fun.” – Diane, Participant, 2012

Diet & Nutrition: Participants receive education on diet and nutrition basics, meal planning, and healthy eating habits. They have a one-on-one meeting with a nutritionist to discuss personal nutrition goals. These concepts are reinforced through cooking demonstrations, food tastings, and recipe swaps.
Exercise & Fitness: Participants have access to Poulsbo Athletic Club and Kitsap Crossfit for scheduled Survive & Thrive group workouts and for individual exercise. Participants are encouraged to take advantage of the gym memberships on their own, using worksheets with suggested cardiovascular, core and strength training exercises.
Saturday Walks: Every Saturday, between April to November, participants and alumni meet to walk in the morning. The walks are a great opportunity for participants to get to know each other, form friendships and experience the natural beauty of the Kitsap Peninsula.
Support & Community: Group meetings enable participants to share progress, encouragement and support. Along the way, they form valuable relationships with women facing similar challenges.

The program is for women of all fitness levels—those just starting out with an exercise program and those experienced with health and wellness regimens.

How Does the Program Work?

Each Survive & Thrive session runs for 12 weeks; group activities are held on weekday evenings. Participants are expected to attend the initial kick-off meeting, group meetings, and group workouts. They are encouraged to think of the program as their ‘wellness boot camp’—the greater your commitment and involvement, the greater your results.

Participants receive weekly program emails with activity updates, encouragement, healthy tips, and helpful resources. The Survive & Thrive Facebook page also keeps current participants and program alumni engaged and informed.

Cost: A program contribution of $175 per member is requested. Scholarships are available, upon request, for financial hardship.

Location: All group meetings are held at Peninsula Cancer Center, 19917 Seventh Ave, Suite 100, in Poulsbo.

For More Information

Please contact:  SurviveThrive_logo_60412 25 percent
Ann Asher, RN
Peninsula Breast Center
(360) 697 – 8024